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Jim Kielbaso with Terrance Jones, Michael Kidd-Gilchrest, Ryan Harrow of Kentucky Basketball

Gaining Knowledge from Reflection

Good coaches and trainers are constantly looking for ways to increase their knowledge base.  We spend a great deal of time reading books and articles, watching videos, attending clinics, and talking to other coaches.  Yet, there is another very simple practice that people often forget to use.  I was taught this concept a long time […]

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Glute/Ham Lean with Anti-Rotation Combo

Most athletes can certainly benefit from posterior chain strength training exercises, especially when they target the glute and hamstrings together.  Taking it one step further, why not hit the glute in the extended hip position so it is contracted at an angle closer to how it will be used in sprinting?  Finally, why not add […]

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KVB Headshot

Kyle Vanden Bosch talks about S & C Coaches

After one of his workouts at Total Performance, we talked to Detroit Lions All-Pro Defensive End Kyle Vanden Bosch about his experiences with different strength and conditioning programs. Kyle has gone through a lot in his career, and he’s dealt with several strength coaches. From his college days at Nebraska, through stints with the Arizona […]

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Ted Rath

Off-Season Evaluation – Ted Rath: Detroit Lions

As we approach the end of a season we take time to look at the upcoming off-season training program.With thoughts of off-season training you must consider a number of questions, the number one question that I ask myself when planning for the off-season program is “What can we improve upon this off-season?”As a strength and […]

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Nick Tuminello and Jim Kielbaso

Corrective Exercise Tips w/ Jim Kielbaso & Nick Tumminello

At the 5th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference in Baltimore, MD Jim Kielbaso & Nick Tumminello grabbed a camera (in front of an anatomy chart – very funny) and talked about corrective exercises. Nick liked Jim’s ideas on not jumping the gun on corrective exercises and added plenty of great thoughts. The conversation revolved […]

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