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Plyometrics Total Performance

Supplemental Speed Exercises

Supplemental exercises to enhance speed.  If you’ve gotten really strong using a solid strength progression program, but haven’t noticed great improvements in your speed, the lesser known exercises shown in this article will transform your strong legs into springs that will propel you forward faster than you ever knew possible. Getting athletes faster has always […]

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Plyometrics Total Performance

Plyometrics: Progressing to Advanced Skill and Intensity

To build on our previous plyometric video, here we discuss some coaching tips that may be extremely important for progressing to more intense plyometric exercises.  If you saw the last video, you should notice the progression from those beginning plyometrics to these more advanced exercises. Hopefully these videos allow reflection for whether we’re using the […]

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Box Jumps

Box Jump Technique, Landing & Progression – Kevin McCadam: WVU

Some of the S & C Coaches at West Virginia University have created a new site called www.PushTheGround.com, and they have already posted a lot of great training information. This is an instructional video on Box Jumps that has a lot of good information for anyone thinking about using them in a program. There are […]

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