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Interview with Strength Coach Tommy Hoke – Michigan State

Tommy HokeWhile visiting at Michigan State University, Jim Kielbaso took some time out to talk with associate head strength and conditioning coach Tommy Hoke. Tommy Hoke is now entring his eight year as Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Michigan State University. Before he came to Michigan State he was the head strength and conditioning coach at Appalachian State for eight years.

Tommy is an exceptional coach who loves to teach hard work and discipline in the weight room.  He is able to get the most out of athletes because he has the ability to develop relationships with them that allow him to drive each athlete past their comfort zone.

During the interview Tommy has some great insight about training hard and getting athletes to give great effort. He also discusses what he likes and dislikes about the profession of strength and conditioning.

Listening to experienced coaches like Coach Hoke is a simple way to improve as a coach or trainer.

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  1. Jorge Carvajal March 31, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    The past several years I’ve had the pleasure of working with several MSU players for the NFL Combine and their Pro Days.

    They consistantly standout from the other players in terms of technique. When I see someone with a great bench or squat technique, I know they were coached at MSU and coached well!

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