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Rogers Athletic Factory Tour

rogersJim and Adam had the opportunity to see inside the manufacturing plant of Rogers Athletic where they make their innovative Pendulum line of strength training equipment.

We certainly didn’t expect it, but their VP of Product Development, Kyle Camp, gave us an all-access pass to see the entire operation from start to finish.  It was really incredible to see how it all happens.  Kyle even sat down and told us the whole “Rogers Story.”  We video taped it all, and broke it into sections below for easier viewing.

If you weren’t aware of effort that goes into making some of the best pieces of strength equipment in the world, these in-depth videos explain it all.

We don’t get a dime from Rogers, so we had no reason to expect anything from them and no ulterior motive to show you what a great operation they run.  We simply had the opportunity to see how they do things, and we were very impressed.

Many strength coaches never get the opportunity to see an operation like this, so these videos let you see the “inside.”

We hope you can put some faces with this great company and understand the culture that’s brewing in Clair, Michigan.

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