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Ken Mannie – Michigan State S & C Coach

Michigan State University Strength & Conditioning Coach Ken Mannie is a legend in the world of S & C.  Not only is he an incredible coach, he has done things the right way.  He gives back to young coaches through writing, speaking, hosting clinics and taking on interns/GA’s.  Instead of jumping from school to school for a bigger paycheck, he has turned down opportunities to stay at MSU.  His family, his lifestyle, his staff and his love for the program and kids  he works with are more important to him than climbing the ladder.

This is a great interview where he talks about why he got into S & C and some of the keys to running a successful program.  This is the kind of video everyone in the field needs to watch.

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One Response to Ken Mannie – Michigan State S & C Coach

  1. Brian Hassler October 12, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    great video. loved when he yelled, “all you got, be first”. great mantra. Plus I love the concept of asking an athlete, “do you love hard work, not like but love?”

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