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Time Efficient Neck and Shoulder Workouts – Adam Stoyanoff

Here’s one of my favorite shoulder protocols.This is the exact order the exercises should be completed in.You should have minimal rest between each exercise and if you’re training with a partner it should be a quick “U go-I go” pace.Choose weight for 10-15 rep sets (compete 10/fail by 15) and demonstrate failure on each exercise. […]

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Neck Training: Points and Reminders

Adam Stoyanoff MS, CSCS Some of this seems quite elementary, but a few of the videos posted on the Internet lately have made me feel like it’s worth going over.I hope that we can agree that the muscles surrounding the cervical spine should be strength trained. However, there’s been a lack of attention to important […]

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Squat 1

In-Season Strength Training Program for High School Football

In-season strength training is something that is often neglected or mis-understood in high school football. Many coaches pull way back and stop lifting as soon as the season starts. Other coaches feel like they should be able to keep going just as hard as they were over the summer. Coaches need to find a balance […]

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Preparing for Two-A-Days and the Start of Football Season

Drink plenty of fluids—Athletes should be consuming 8-10 glasses of cold fluids per day. When athletic activities begin, 12-20 glasses should be consumed. Cold fluids should not include beverages with caffeine (i.e. pop, coffee, or tea). Athletes should stay hydrated throughout their activities and should have access to water frequently. As temperatures increase outdoors, it […]

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Vertical Jump Con Artists – Alan Stein

www.StrongerTeam.com Whether reading a hoops magazine or visiting a basketball website, I am constantly bombarded with advertisements for vertical jump programs; created by guys claiming to be experts at improving a player’s explosiveness and athletic ability. I rarely know who any of these guys are yet they claim to be industry experts; all of which […]

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Fox Sports – Strength and Conditioning Article on the Importance of Neck Training and Reducing the Risk of Concussions

Strength and Conditioning Article Professionals Are Finding That Training The Neck Is Of Utmost Importance and Not Emphasized Enough in Weightrooms Around The Country FOOTBALL Concussions can be fought from neck up Published May 24, 2010 FoxSports ORLANDO, FLA. Head injuries in sports are an epidemic – and Mike Gittleson is sticking his neck out […]

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Strength Training for Football

Tyler Hobson Talks to Mickey Marotti about Strength Training (This is the first time we’ve published posts from Tyler Hobson. Tyler is the creator of the revolutionary Pundulum line of strength training equipment. He travels around the country talking to strength coaches about what is going on and what they need in their weight rooms. […]

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Strength vs Power: What is the Difference – Tony Moreno

Tony Moreno Ph.D. Eastern Michigan University If one were required to exhibit some demonstration of strength, they are typically asked to perform a maximal, volitional effort (without respect to time) of an activity that requires a high muscular force output. Siff and Verhoshansky (1993) in their text Supertraining: Special Strength Training for Sporting Excellence define […]

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Are Power Cleans an Efficient Use of Our Time? – Jim Kielbaso

There is a great deal anecdotal evidence and personal experience that comes into play when strength and conditioning coaches select strength training exercises, speed drills or conditioning routines. The risk vs. reward scale is a great place to start, but not the only factor that should be considered. As a professional, I believe it is […]

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Mike Boyle on Cleans

In this video, Coach Boyle talks to his staff about proper execution of a clean. He spends a considerable amount of time emphasizing the importance of proper catch position saying that it may be the most important part of the lift. He talks about how the movement should look athletic, and how a few basic […]

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