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Mailbag: College vs. Private Coaching

Hello, my name is Stephen. I have been reading the site off and on for about a year. In a lot of your articles you talk about college strength programs versus private training and I was hoping you could elaborate a little more on that. I graduated last year with a degree in Exercise Science […]

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Re-Tooling the Side Plank

To me, core work should be about ANTI- movement patterns. We want to be in positions where we can brace up and resist the forces of gravity/bands/weights. Exercises like planks (anti-extension) or side planks (anti-lateral flexion) are great ways to teach bracing and to develop the muscular corset we want around the abdomen. These exercises […]

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Tim "Red" Wakeham (middle) with his staff at MSU

Motivation & Leadership Development Seminar – Tim Wakeham, Michigan State University

The psychological aspect of coaching and developing leadership in athletes is one of the most important, yet elusive, in all of sports.  Why is it that some athlete’s exhibit high motivation and mental toughness while others frustrate coaches with a lack of discipline, dedication and work ethic?  More importantly, can these things be taught? Tim […]

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Speed & Agility Revolution book (PDF) by Jim Kielbaso

The first book to ever break down sprint mechanics, acceleration mechanics and agility mechanics into easy-to-understand terms was Jim Kielbaso’s Speed & Agility Revolution.  Highly acclaimed by many strength & conditioning coaches, this book is available to USC Lifetime members as a special bonus. In the book you will find: Sprint, acceleration & agility mechanics […]

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The Three Wisemen

Stop me if you have heard this one before. Three coaches walk into a weight room. A powerlifter. An Olympic lifter. And a “functional” coach. The powerlifter says to the others. “The squat and press are how you train athletes.” The Olympic lifter says “If I had it my way, I’d only clean and snatch […]

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CSCCa Conference 2014 Review

We have a new guest this week, Zach Houghton.  Zach is a strength and conditioning coach at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  A few weeks ago Zach went to the CSCCa conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I asked Zach to provide us with a quick review of his experiences at the conference, and […]

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Education of an Intern

This last semester, I had one of the best interns I have ever had.  This young man showed the three qualities I absolutely love in an intern: Work ethic, enthusiasm, and initiative.  In fact, he did such a good job, we hired him.  Which should be the goal for any intern out there.  Make yourself […]

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