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Plyometrics Total Performance

Supplemental Speed Exercises

Supplemental exercises to enhance speed.  If you’ve gotten really strong using a solid strength progression program, but haven’t noticed great improvements in your speed, the lesser known exercises shown in this article will transform your strong legs into springs that will propel you forward faster than you ever knew possible. Getting athletes faster has always […]

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Pro Shuttle

Defensive Back Agility

Agility drills for defensive backs.  Footwork and hip-turning techniques for teaching defensive backs how to move smoothly. If you spend any time working with football players and coaches, you constantly hear them talking about the hips and footwork of their athletes, especially defensive backs.  I can’t tell you how many times I listen to coaches […]

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Crowded Field

Jim Kielbaso talks about how to get ahead and stay on top in the crowded field of strength and conditioning. I get calls and e-mails from people all the time asking about internships, jobs, opportunities, etc.  Often, these people are very qualified.  In the last month, I’ve had at least five people contact me about […]

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Darl Bauer

Shades of Grey – Part 2

In this edition of Shades of Grey, we will explore Single Sets vs. Multiple Sets and Training to Failure. If you didn’t catch the beginning of this series, I started it because I’ve been thinking about some of the things that I’ve changed my mind about through the years.  These are things I used to […]

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Research Image

Shades of Grey – Series Intro

Shades of Grey – Series Intro:  When I got into strength & conditioning back in the early 90’s I was young and thought everything was black and white.  That’s how things appear when we’re young.  I was a hot-shot college strength coach and I thought I was right about just about everything.  I didn’t have […]

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Assessing Credibility on the Internet

I wrote this over a year ago and have been a little hesitant to post it. A recent Strengthcoachblog.com post got me to sit down and finish this article. Tim Edgerton, a UK strength and conditioning coach, named me the most influential man is strength and conditioning the other day which was cool. However the […]

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Glutamine Supplementation Review

Review of Glutamine Supplementation – Jarrett Kratzer Glutamine is an amino acid and one of the main building blocks in protein synthesis. Glutamine is considered non-essential simply because the body makes glutamine regularly, although recent studies show that glutamine could be considered a conditionally essential amino acid. Glutamine is one of 20 amino acids in […]

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Northwestern Spring Conditioning

This video shows the controlled chaos of a Northwestern University football conditioning workout.  It’s pretty difficult to tell what’s going on here, so the video doesn’t really give you any usable ideas, but it’s interesting to see the coaches getting guys to hustle from station to station. There appears to be some competition going on, […]

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Jim Kielbaso with Terrance Jones, Michael Kidd-Gilchrest, Ryan Harrow of Kentucky Basketball

Gaining Knowledge from Reflection

Good coaches and trainers are constantly looking for ways to increase their knowledge base.  We spend a great deal of time reading books and articles, watching videos, attending clinics, and talking to other coaches.  Yet, there is another very simple practice that people often forget to use.  I was taught this concept a long time […]

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Tony Rolinski – Notre Dame Hockey

Whether you’ve been following our series of influential strength coaches or noticed his name on our Advisory Team, you’ve undoubtedly seen the name Tony Rolinksi on this site. Tony is the Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports at Notre Dame, and he is one of the top coaches in the country. Rolinski has […]

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Vision Training is Now Practical and Meaningful

Training an athlete’s vision has come up over and over again through the years.  Books have been written about it.  Products have been created.  Programs have been proposed.  Unfortunately, there has never been a proven method that was easy to implement, practical to use and affordable. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Nike headquarters […]

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Meaningful Strength Training in Minimal Time

Strength training workouts don’t necessarily have to be a specific amount of time or even contain specifics that most strength coaches typically deem necessary. High school athletes, and even college, sometimes only have a limited amount of time.  For example, a sport coach may only allow fifteen minutes for the athletes to get a quick […]

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Neck Training 101 – Bret Contreras

A strength coach is faced with an important decision; to train the neck directly or to omit targeted neck training. Many coaches feel that the neck does not need special treatment as they believe that it gets trained sufficiently during heavy compound movements. Others feel that the neck should be trained directly as they believe that failing […]

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Exercises You Should Be Doing

These days, a lot of my time is spent coaching in and visiting high school weight rooms.  There’s a plethora of protocols, techniques, and exercises. The common debacle never surprises me.  With all of the exercise choices that coaches are implementing in weight rooms, there are several necessary ones being left out. Choosing great exercises […]

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