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Roundtable: New Methods

Roundtable Discussion: New Methods Roundtable Question: What new information/exercises/method have you learned about in the past five years that has changed the way you train your athletes? How did you make that change happen? Tony Rolinski: Within the last few years training athletes at the collegiate level, I’ve tried to research ways to improve mobility […]

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Strength and Conditioning Roundtable: Strength Coaches Favorite Equipment

Roundtable Question: Besides standard strength training equipment, what are your favorite training devices or “toys” and how do you utilize them? What device have you had trouble with or just don’t really like using? Zach Dechant: Equipment that we have begun utilizing extensively are foam rollers. We now put as much emphasis on recovery and […]

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Renegade Row

While this exercise appears to be more of a row for the upper back, it is actually a core exercise that requires tremendous abdominal strength and stabilization to perform correctly. The goal is to perform the rowing action with as little spinal and hip rotation as possible. The movement of the dumbbells creates rotational torque […]

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Product Review: Vertimax

Ted Rath MS, SCCC – Detroit Lions The Vertimax is a piece of equipment that I have become familiar with in the past couple of months.During that short period of time I have developed a great appreciation for this piece of equipment.The Vertimax offers each athlete hundreds of resistance settings from several different angles.The basic […]

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Product Review: TRX Suspension Training Device

Nick Wilson CSCS – University of Detroit Mercy The TRX Suspension Training is a new piece of equipment that sparked my interest when I saw it being used on the “The Biggest Loser” TV program.After doing some research, we purchased one for our strength and conditioning department. This training system consists of a Y-shaped nylon […]

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Book Review: Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik

Reviewed by: Nick Wilson, Asst. S & C Coach – University of Detroit Mercy In a time where there is always a “new and improved” way to get strong and get in shape, this book is refreshingly different.The main premise of Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik is that if you want to get bigger and […]

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LaCrosse Conditioning

Nick Wilson BS, CSCS – University of Detroit Mercy Note:The following article is how Universityof Detroit Mercystrength coach Nick Wilson developed a program for a new sport at the university.UDM had never fielded a lacrosse team, and Coach Wilson wanted to make sure he did everything in his power to help them succeed.This article explains […]

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USAW Sports Performance Certification Clinic Review

Jennifer Query, MA, CSCS, USAW As strength coaches and performance trainers we have all heard of the USAW. Yes, the association is primarily for competitive weight lifters and club coaches looking to either become certified to coach competitive weight lifting athletes or for the athlete themselves. But, the USAW also has developed a Sports Performance […]

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High Volume or High Intensity? – Ken Mannie

Ken Mannie Strength & Conditioning Coach – Michigan StateUniversity Coach, how many sets should I do? Players and visiting coaches alike ask us this more than any other question. It is a hotly debated issue in the strength coaching ranks, with some discussions resulting in near donnybrooks. High-volume advocates continue to espouse the need for […]

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Five Minutes With Freddie Intro & Explanation

This is Freddie Walker and Adam Stoyanoff.  Just for fun, and for your viewing pleasure, they are exploring some of the most intense workouts designed, developed, or discovered. Enjoy watching them destroy themselves! INTRODUCTION (Disclaimer) Just to be clear, this is not how we train most athletes. These workout videos are purely for meatheads who […]

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Agility Training Misconceptions – Jim Kielbaso

Agility is an extremely important factor in most sports. The ability to start, stop, and change directions quickly can be the difference between a good athlete and a top performer. While genetics and “God-given” talent play a huge role in an athlete’s ability to perform certain maneuvers, agility can be improved through proper training. Unfortunately, […]

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