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For Your Entertainment……

I have a handful of friends that do CrossFit. So, I get to BS alot with them about how training is.  Obviously not everyone or situation is like this, but these are funny videos. Be sure to pay attention to everything in the background. The details are the best and like always feel free to […]

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Mike Boyle on Thinking “Outside the Box”

Mike Boyle’s work is almost always an enjoyable read, sometimes because of how he simplifies often over-complicated ideas from others. The article he wrote below is a perfect example. While reading it I could think of several situations where I see this happening in our field. Like I always say, read it and take time […]

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Developing a Weightroom Culture

Developing a Weightroom Culture: Effort Based Programming I get questions all the time about strength and conditioning, and I love them. Yup, I don’t think I enjoy any other topic nearly as much.  I’ve been thinking of a decent topic to write about lately and I figured I’d touch on the most common question I […]

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Starting Too Heavy Vs. Starting Light

Beginning Weight “The weight you begin with, can ultimately determine how far you will go with that exercise” -Intelligent Lifter There are a handful of reasons why an exercise progression may fail. There are many reasons why an exercise fails the first time it’s performed.  It could be poor technique, poor weight choice, poor effort, […]

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For the Best Traps, Do More than Shrugs

Trap Training When most of us look at the trapezius, we see the lump of muscle directly over the shoulders.  It’s probably one of the most intimidating muscles when trained correctly and developed.  Not too many guys pick a beef with the hoss that has traps growing out of his ears. Everyone remember Goldberg?  Yup….nobody […]

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In-Season Basketball Workout

High school basketball isn’t exactly married to strength and conditioning the way some sports are. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be though, and it’s still extremely important to make it into the weightroom during the season.  If your team keeps it up throughout the season, come playoffs they could be the strongest they’ve been all […]

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Baseball Player

2 Day Split for Baseball

Here’s a high school baseball strength and conditioning workout thats been implemented at one of the area high schools.  Like every other high school workout, it’s highly dependent on the resources and time available. It’s practical and time efficient. Most of the baseball players in high school don’t just play baseball. So, one of the […]

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