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Push Up Baby

Push-Up Progression

Even babies want to do push-ups!  But, they’re not as easy as they look for some people.  Many athletes struggle to do even one perfect push up. We can find ourselves at a loss for words when we’re implementing simple bodyweight movements, and the lifter has a difficult time performing them.  These exercises, like chin-ups […]

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HS Weight Room 3

Combination Lifts: Wasteful vs. Meaningful

There’s definitely something to be said about training efficiently. We don’t always get an optimal amount of time to accomplish our needs, so it’s sometimes important to exercises with several movements per rep or combine lifts. Implementing multifaceted exercises has sort of stemmed from the need to feel original, get a lot done in minimal […]

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Coaching: Hip Hinge

Several popular movements include the hip hinge.  It’s probably one of the more difficult things to coach when an athlete has poor control over their pelvis. Check out the video below to see it discussed with some coaching tips.

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4 Steps to Begin Coaching the Neck

Fall seasons are coming to an end and off-season strength training is beginning for a number of sports. If you’re planning out the workouts for these athletes and never have designed or implemented direct neck training for them in the past, now is a great time to start. Lately I’ve heard fewer excuses for why […]

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Safety & Performance: Land Right

We observe numerous athletes while they’re landing after a jump and there seems to be thousands of box jump examples on Youtube these days, good and bad. No matter what type of jump it is, there’s a correct way to land. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the field after an athletic movement or using […]

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Specifics of Squatting

If you’ve ever had a hard time squatting or teaching the specifics to someone, watch this video. Have you seen peoples heals come off the ground? Are they having a hard time getting to the depth you’d like? Often the issues are caused by the lack of mobility or flexibility in the hips and/or ankles. […]

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